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Ground handling på plads


Umiddelbart efter konkurs-meddelelsen gik Novia ind i handling-opgaverne for at beskytte passagerer og hjælpe de berørte flyselskaber.


I løbet af torsdag aften blev der indgået aftaler mellem Novia og flyselskaberne Finnair, Air Berlin, easyJet og Transavia, mens SGS yder assistance til TAP og Iceland Express.

Novia har indkaldt alle ledige ressourcer for at klare presset fredag og i weekenden. Nokia har mulighed for at dække personalebehovet på overtid, men kan endnu ikke ansætte fyret personale fra Menzies, fortæller Ingolf Pedersen fra Novia..

Skrevet af Flemming Juul


  1. It is sad for Menzies staff that Menzies have decided to pull out of Copenhagen. However during the last few years, the competition to gain handling contracts in CPH, has caused all handling firms to lower prices on many occasions.

    The reason none of the handling firms have been able to go into profit, is quite simply , airlines want a service but want to pay as little as possible.

    This is the time now, for the two remaining handling firms, to offer realistic prices that ensure profit for both firms.

    If a resolve to do this is not done, then this situation of handlers going bankrupt will continue.

    A final word: The rules in Denmark about not being able to employ people which are fired, need to be changed. It is I know a union issue, however , this is one of the reasons that Menzies struggled for a few months.

    I hope all affected by the unfortunate happenings of the last few days, soon attain work again.

  2. Its always risky for a handling company to establish anything in CPH Airport as the labour-price is very high and find many problems/issues they aint facing in other contries. I think Menzies went into CPH without doing their homework and therefore surprised about rules and regulations, and when they lose 70 precent of their operation its a natural thing they pull out. The bottomline is Menzies are a good company, but with a philosophy not suitable for a danish airport.
    All the best to Paul and Co.

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